Monday, May 28, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend, especially Memorial Day.  I went on a walk for a local organization called Warriors Relief Fund which provides for families of mobilized service persons and recently returned veterans and their families.!/media/set/?set=oa.10150871728948640&type=1

Then Susan and I took a cruise on the Marquette Harbor Cruises!/media/set/?set=a.372138049509702.82547.100001405308242&type=1 and in the afternoon Sergei who is staying with us and his girlfriend Alexis took the trip and we took pictures from the land!/media/set/?set=a.372164042840436.82557.100001405308242&type=1

Between cruises, there was a delicious ward picnic at Bishop Blotter's house!/photo.php?v=372134549510052
We visited with Andrew's family at Mattson Park where Hudson was his usual cute self!/photo.php?v=372123172844523

Angela called in the evening and wanted us to see Caleb's first experience on the new swingset!/photo.php?v=372135759509931

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